2016 Resistance and Remembrance

‘Resistance and Remembrance’ Exhibition 2016 provided a space for the exploration of ‘Resistance and Remembrance’ through a range of visual cultural media.

The exhibition on the first floor of the Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin presented works by international artists who, using sculpture, painting, photography, installation and performance, seek to represent modes of resistance along the axes of trans* and inter identities.

New possibilities for seeing, feeling and existing opened up as these artists invite embodied and reflective ways to resist and remember.

Curated by Zoya and Leila, with the assistance of Noah Saïd.

Artists include: * BlackTransRebel * Deborah Schmidt * Giegold & Weiß * Keith King * Martin del Pozo * Noah Rieser * Rajaa * WoMANtís RANDom *