General Info


We would like to provide you with general information about the TransFormationsTrans* Film Festival Berlin to answer any questions you might have about the festivals’ policies or organisational matters.

These include:

* Accessibility * Alcohol & Drugs * Childcare * Community Support * Cultural Appropriation *

* D-I-T Concept * Photography * Pronouns * Quiet Room * Sexual Harassment * Subtitles *

* Terminology * Ticket Pricing Politics * Toilets * Trigger Warnings *


We are very happy to announce that the TFFB venue is wheel chair accessible again.

We just recently received notice that the lift at Werkstatt Der Kulturen Berlin is now repaired and operational.

Alcohol & Drugs

Please be aware and responsible of your consumption of alcohol and drug use and any resulting behaviour under their influence.

Unfortunately we cannot offer childcare during the festival.

However, the venue is child-friendly and offers a lot of space for them to play, e.g. in the garden, the cafe, etc.

There will also be the opportunity to organise childcare amongst the other festival goers and possibly a childs play area.

As queer, trans*, inter*, non-binary, two spirit people, we mostly rely on our friends, partners, and people we love for support that is structurally lacking. So at this festival, it is important that we try to take care of ourselves and each other!

Kindness is an integral part of our festival. Be aware of your own physical and emotional boundaries and those of others during the festival.

Remember that everyone’s boundaries are different and completely legitimate and not up for debate. Something you feel totally fine about may be hurtful to another person.

Also: We all say disrespectful things sometimes. We grow up in societies that teach us to act and think in ways that are transphobic, sexist, racist, homophobic, etc., and learning to change this is a long process. If someone points out that you said something exotifying or misgendering, listen to them and reflect on your behavior rather than arguing.

Do not ask them to explain why your behavior was not ok, unless they offer an explanation.

Cultural Appropriation

In the festival we use the term: “Dress to impress not oppress!”

It is often the case that dominant cultures in our society feel as though they can borrow or ridicule elements of other cultures without understanding the traditions and histories they’re rooted in. As a result, the culture is simplified and misrepresented in society, reducing it to a mere fashion accessory.

Please be mindful that something you may take for granted as, say, a simple choice of clothing or hairstyle, can actually make others feel disrespected and invisibilized, and help us to create a space where this is not the case.

TFFB is a grassroots festival that is able to take place through the work, time, creativity and donations of vast communities of people, coming together because we believe in creating different kinds of spaces and representations for and of trans* people.

These communities are rich with talents and resources, and we want to challenge the idea that a Do It Together (D-I-T) festival has to result in sloppy, unfinished or unskilled ethos or aesthetics – especially since D-I-T methods of building are often used by more marginalized people.


For privacy and safety reasons, please do not take photographs of anyone at the festival without their consent.

This includes random people standing around who might not want to be in the background of your photo.


Most of us would like to choose the pronouns we use for ourselves – she, he, they, etc. – rather than have others decide them for us.

It is a great idea to ask someone if they have a preferred pronoun, instead of making assumptions.

During the festival we will offer a quiet space to come down and relax from a day of intensive programs.

Please avoid loud actions in the space.

Sexual Harassment

At the festival, sexual harassment – making other people feel uncomfortable by touching, sexual comments, flirting, etc. that they don’t appreciate – is not acceptable.

There are people with many diverse (a)sexualities at the festival, and some people may not want to be flirted with.

Be attentive to response and body language and, when in doubt, ask!


The majority of films are in English or with English subtitles.

Other languages include: German, Castellano, Portuguese. Not all films have subtitles.

Please check language info in the film listings to know more.

The languages, terminologies and perspectives that are manifested in the festival program reflects the authors’ experiences, understandings and politics.

As organizers, we would like to remind the festival audience that we are all living in different realities of trans*ness and we should take into account different intersectionalities and geo politics.

We hope the TFFB provides a platform for a profound exchange and we wish for this exchange to enrich our communities.

Ticket Pricing Politics

On Donation basis.

The box office is open from Thursday: 5pm, Friday: 1.30pm, Saturday: 10.30am, Sunday: 11am

All toilets are gender neutral. The accessible toilet is located on the first floor.

Trigger Warnings

The world is a violent place for many marginalized people, including trans* people, and depictions of our realities can often include content that feels triggering to some.

Since there is no way of making a comprehensive list of content that might be triggering to different people, we do not provide any such warnings.