Opening Night


Re-envisiong Gender. A decolonial Project

Opening Panel and films block on decolonising gender.

Thursday, 29th November
Doors open: 18:30
Panel Begins: 19:00
in Main Salon

The festival opens with a panel of Black, Indigenous and People of Color/ Racialised people to reflect on colonial oppression, whitewashing, and histories of genders in various non-white contexts. Challenging powerful ideas that allow us to navigate our identities locally and beyond oppressive national borders. Each of our guests navigates from their own gender construct, rooted far beyond white cultural politics of gender, spiritually and sexuality.


Discussion in English spoken language & DGS


Our Guests Include

Neeli Rana

Neeli Rana is one of the most prominent Khawaja Sera (transgender) activists, and as a Guru Neeli holds a Dera of 50+ Chelas (protégés). Neeli was one of the voices who stood up for the legal recognition of
trans*-identity in Pakistan and claimed third gender rights.

Tchinda Andrade

Tchinda Andrade, (Mindelo, 1978) is a leading trans activist in Cape Verde. She is a community organizer and knows how to make things collectively beautiful.

Marlene Wayar

Marlene Wayar is a travesti activist, founder and directrice of Ell Teje, the first trans* and travesti newspaper from South America, and cofounder Nadia Echazu, a textile cooperative school for and by travesti and trans* people in Buenos Aires. She’s also part of the collective Lohana Berkins which deals with different projects.

Keith Zenga King

Keith Zenga King is a Black Gender nonconforming Political Activist, Educator, Visual and Performance artist from Uganda based in Munich.

Mehlab Jameel

Mehlab Jameel is a queer, Pakistani researcher and aspiring anthropologist usually found wandering the streets of Lahore and learning more about all the communities that the historic city holds.

Violeta Alegre

Violeta Alegre from Buenos Aires is a travesti activist, researcher, and journalist, with degrees in gender and politics.

Manuel Ricardo Garcia

Manuel Ricardo Garcia, is a Native American queer FTM of color, trans*activist, photoartist, architect, and co-organizer of the group “Beyond Color” and Trans*Inter*Tagung München. Manuel is based in Munich, Germany, and has family in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Opening Films


Thu 29. Nov. 22:15 Main Salon
Kiki Febriyanti // 40 min // 2015 // Indonesian & Bugis spoken languages // subs: English


A story about the existence of women of South Sulawesi, Indonesia, living in Bugis culture in the midst of modern world ruled by binary system. For centuries Bugis people have accepted gender diversity as implicitly written in La Galigo manuscript, where they believe that humans consist of five genders, and one of them is calalai. Who is calalai?.

Der Film erzählt von Frauen aus Südsulawesi, Indonesien, die in der Bugis-Kultur leben – inmitten der modernen Welt, die von Binarität bestimmt wird. Seit Jahrhunderten akzeptieren die Bugis eine Genderdiversität, die implizit im La Galigo-Manuskript enthalten ist: Sie glauben, dass Menschen aus 5 Geschlechtern bestehen, eins davon ist Calalai. Wer ist Calalai?



Thu 29. Nov. 22:15 Main Salon
Ayara Bhanukusuma (Albertia Kusuma) // 22 min // 2018 // Javanesse & Indonesian spoken languages // subs: English

Lanang tells the story of a girl named Jyoti imprisioned for 8 years by his father in a remote seaside village. His attempts and exorcising her for her gender transgressions force her to flee to the city in this short story exploring the impact of the rural/urban divide on gender.

Lanang erzählt die Geschichte von Jyoti, einem Mädchen, das 8 Jahre von seinem Vater in einem abgelegenen Küstenort gefangen gehalten wurde. Seine Versuche, ihr die gender transgressions (Geschlechtsüberschreitungen) auszutreiben, zwingen sie dazu, in die Stadt zu fliehen. Der Kurzfilm handelt davon, wie sich die Trennung von Stadt und Land auf Gender auswirkt.


Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung