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Transformations Trans* Film Festival Berlin (TFFB) 2020

is now open for your submissions!

TFFB offers a platform for films that address, combine or extend beyond the following topics and categories:

  * generational * family * prison * borders * music * art * experimental * sports * health * education * accessibility * animation * Class struggles and work related * accessibility *  horror *  futuristic * fantasies * resistance and fighting oppression *sexual intimacy  *

by transgender, inter or gender-variant film-makers, casts and artists.

We encourage film- and videomakers with whom our objectives resonate to contribute stories that are multi-layered and explore inter-sectional and transformation approaches.

Love & Gratitude,



A film festival that envisions transformations in moving-image narratives and centers a diverse range of voices from the trans* and gender-variant community.

A space for films that have been cis-tematically rejected or put aside.