Dearest Communities


To everyone who took on workshifts, screened films, exhibited art, performed, conducted workshops, spoke on panels, contributed to the crowd funding, and who showed up and held space for one another as well as the queer projects for holding special events and donating to the festival:

We continue to be blown away by your talent, care, work and amazing energy.

We were very happy with how smoothly things went this time around and for having been able to bring so many brilliant people together to share space and connect.

Thank you for all your feedback, encouragement and support for us to continue with this festival.

With your help, we hope to reach even further into global gender-diverse communities and inspire more trans* people to tell their stories. Thanks for coming together to help in creating such a special and important space.

Stay tuned into our social media for info on upcoming events and collaborations leading up to TFFB 2020!

Love & Gratitude,



A film festival that envisions transformations in moving-image narratives and centers a diverse range of voices from the trans* and gender-variant community.

A space for films that have been cis-tematically rejected or put aside.