It is when we combine our strengths and come together as communities that we are best able to push back against oppressive structures and to create shared spaces that center joy, love and dignity and celebrate our differences and commonalities.

This year’s art exhibition, Out of Many, brings together a talented group of artists who address different aspects of community and trans* experience. Touching on issues such as nourishment, connectivity, isolation, surveillance, transition, dissolution and destruction, histories, self-care, mental health, pleasure, intimacy, survival and transcendence, these works weave together different perspectives and visions of how to survive and thrive.

Exhibition opens with a performance from Pêdra Costa on Thursday, 29th Nov at 17:30.

Artists include:

Eshan Rafi + Luce deLire

Ford Kelly

Jane P aka P bucket

Khaleb Brooks

Manuel Ricardo Garcia

Ornella Ospino

Pêdra Costa

Raju Rage

simo tier

Vwede Okorefe

Curated by Alex/Lautaro & Zoya
With assistance from Dot Bat & Marissa

** The exhibition is located on the first floor (see venue plan for details) **
Please check the schedule for opening, closing and performance times.