PARTY Friday 30. Nov 22:00 – 03:00 Basement Salon and ground floor bar


Kübra Varol
is a non-binary trans person of color performing as Cupid. They use dance, music, text, comedy and drag in their performances which they see as a way to heal and encourage healing.

Mathilde Manon & Aftab Rah
Mathilde’s Burlesques Universe meets Rah’s visit to the bazaar of many fruits.

Neeli Rana
Powerful, integrating music, dance and storytelling, unfold narratives of history, separation, love, desire, celebration and loss as our characters struggle to find a third space in a polarized gendered society.

is a 21 year old black non-binary queer poet and MC from Curaçao. Their poems and rap are a reflection of their own experiences intertwined with that of folks with similar backgrounds and identities.


Bone Black
AFRO BEAT // AFRO HOUSE // COUPE DECALE // GQOM Dj et co-founder of collectif QULT (CH), they organise queer parties in Lausanne and Geneva.

DJ MyT*Bear
At the moment his need to express his life as a trans person of color has led him to exploring filmmaking as well as playing a wide range of music on the dancefloor including RnB, hip-hop,pop, cumbia and reggaetón featuring queer and trans artists of color

Sanni Est
will be doing a special Baile Funk DJ set, an emerging music genre originally from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, which is in itself sex-positive and originally sexistic, having been appropriated by women and queer artists, who use this same rhythm to spread feminism and queer-positivity.

DJ Schwulibär
likes to shake their ass and make other asses (or whatever body parts) shake to South West Asian music.

MC’s for the night:

Indigo Rayne
is a London based dancer and multidisciplinary artist whose work mainly uses performance, dance, drag and a bit of Black Girl Magic to explore and create a whole world of delight.

P. Coque
will display their feathers for your entertainment unless you ruffle them.

Curated by Alexia/Lautaro and Indigo Rayne and P. Coque